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Hi there!! It’s been a while since you last came across such good fiction short stories as those below. And yeah, short means short. Open-ended fifty-word narratives full of wit, conciseness and insightful subjectivity well worth perusing. Which one is your favourite?

Could it be?

I can’t sleep. I feel a presence breathing.
I thought I was crazy. One night screams woke me up. I saw a light that was coming from the basement. I tried to open the door. Unfortunately, I couldn’t. The door had been closed before I lived there.

Obsessive love.

When I saw your eyes I fell in love. I am infatuated. I can’t forget you, honey.
Your scent is so sweet (He smells the girl’s skin). Oh, Love, don’t cry. I don’t want to do anything bad to you. The only thing I want is your love.

Lorena Crespo, 2 BAT

Letter to My Love:

The trip is fine, but at night I can’t sleep because you're not here. In the morning, I don’t wake up in your arms, where I always stay 5 more minutes, and I hate it. I can’t wait to get home to see you again and to sleep with you, my dear bed.

Places to read

- I can't read in my bedroom or living room because my family disturbs me. But the other day I found the perfect place. I am there, silent, nobody comes to disturb me…
-Oh really? Have you discovered the library?
-No, dear, nothing like the toilet.
Sofía Añón, 2 BAT

Phone call

It all happened in a minute.
They came in with a gun in their hands.
“Everybody on the floor!” they shouted.
They took the money and made a phone call.
Suddenly a policeman came in.
Lights out. A shot in the dark. Lights on. The policeman was dead.
The three robbers disappeard.

Too silent

It was a normal Friday evening.
Mr. Finny was driving his car home.
He arrived.
The house was silent. Too silent.
The old man had a strange feeling.
Suddenly something fell on the kitchen floor.
Strong noise.
The dead body of Mrs. Finny was lying in a pool of blood.

Daniel Carolei, 2 BAT

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